The Demon Crag

The Demon Crag

Located south west of the Flooded Forest is a small U shape of dark mountains called the Demon Crag. At one time the mountain was home to a large clan of shield dwarves called the Flammeaxe clan that built a citadel dedicated to Moradin called Dwurschmiede. Which later on became corrupted by the demon lord Juiblex and then it became known as the Devil’s Finger. This is the reason why the dark mountains gained its name the Demon Crag. It is now corrupted with undead and traveling demons and cultist who worship the prince of ooze. Thunderstorms and fog are very common in the small mountain range.

Devil’ Finger

Located in the valley of the Demon Crag is a tall 750 foot granite monument that looks like a jagged finger that points high in the sky. On top of the Devil’Finger is an ancient fortress that was built by the Flammeaxe clan of shield dwarves that dedicated the temple to Moradin. In truth the demon prince Juiblex beat the dwarves to the strange off shoot. He sent a special demon amulet that carries part of his essence deep into the mountains. This through time corrupted the dwarves and they slowly started to get converted or were murdered by a necromancer named Giltz who created an army of undead to overtake them.

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