The Flooded Forest

The Flooded Forest

Located east of the Fawna Forest this was once a great forest that was overrun by fey and elves but now the forest is wet and soggy. The ground of the forest is covered in moss and water and the trees are almost blue gray in color. Slimes and oozes are very common in the forest and so are drow in the Underdark. Strange cults dedicated to the demon lord Juiblex can be located here because of the population of slimes.

The Slickstone Caves are located at the edge of the river in the Flooded Forest is a number of caves that deep into the Underdark.

An old Dwarven Monastery is located in the Flooded Forest is a long lost ruin of a dwarven monastery dedicated to Moradin but it has long been forgotten as the dwarves have moved on to the north and the forest became flooded and over grown.

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