The goddess of the drow (dark elves) and sometimes also seen as the Spider Queen. Also known as the Spider Queen she lives deep in the Abyss. Her followers have female mostly in power and her priestess are fanatics always craving to have more power and to please the great goddess. The head of the drow houses are called Matron Mothers and then it rises in divine power to Lolth to be second in line. Demons called yochlol or Handmaidens are loyal to Lolth and created by her. Her arch enemies are Corellon who she was once married to too before her fall from grace (Araushnee). She has a close connection to the demon prince Juiblex, Malar and Loviatar. In the past she had worked with Gruumsh to attack Corellon but the truce crumbled. She appears in mortal form as a large female drow with a bloated spider body with a whip or a lovely female drow with a gown made up of tiny spiders that crawl. The symbol of a spider is the sign of her faith. Sometimes she uses the secret symbol a silver star with a red gem in the middle. Demonweb Pits located in the Abyss is the home of Lolth.

Domains: Evil, Cavern, Spider, Darkness, Drow, Abyss, Domination


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