The Great Mother

The Great Mother

She is the goddess of the beholders and beholderkin, gibberling mouthers and orbs.

She resembles a gargantuan beholder, she has 10 eyes stalks. Scraps of armor and weapons, shells, monstrous teeth, intact skeletons, and other debris stuck in its carapace. Unlike other beholders she can lay eggs. She has no real allies and hates Callarduran Smoothhands, Lolth and does not care really about others. She is a bit insane. She has been known to breed with demons and demodands to create the perfect offspring.

The symbol of her faith is an eye with an eye popping out. The faith is rewarded with greater power and size. Such examples are hive mothers, elder orbs and beholder mages or liches.

Realm of a Million Eyes (6th layer of the Abyss) is the grand hive for the goddess.

Domains: Cavern, Abyss, Domination, Maddness


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