Juiblex (Demon Prince)

Juiblex, also called The Faceless Lord, is the demon lord of Slimes and Oozes. Juiblex‘s lair is on the 222nd layer of the Abyss, which he shares with Zuggtmoy, the Demoness Lady of Fungi. Juiblex does not have a set physical form as we know it; those who have seen him claim he is a slime-like creature with glaring red eyes dotted all over his body. Juiblex supposedly can swallow creatures alive, spits acidic secretions and causes diseases in his victims which can be almost instantly fatal. Juiblex is one of the lesser demon lords. Most other demon lords do not take him seriously. He himself hates almost everything else, preferring the company of his shapeless minions: slimes, oozes, jellies and puddings. He has no plans or schemes: he simply wants to continue existing and destroying. He shares the layer of Shedaklah with the Lady of Fungi Zuggtmoy: the demoness rules the surface, whereas Juiblex‘s territory is entirely below ground. Juiblex is also worshipped by a few renegade drow as the god of molds and slimes, two things of which are quite common in their subterranean homes. Other worshippers include a few goblin tribes. However, he does not take a very active role in the lives of his worshippers, who are unsure of what kind of god he is and the role that he plays. The aboleths, for example, believe Juiblex maintains the integrity of their skins. Juiblex‘s avatar only appears to priests using a gate spell. Juiblex does not use omens. The Fleshless Brethren were a group of vile worshippers of Juiblex who successfully murdered half of the legendary Six from Shadow.

Domains: Abyss, Chaos, Madness, Slime, Hunger


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