Belial (Arch Devil)

Belial is an Arch-Devil of Hell lord of the Fourth Hell, Phlegethos. He retained his rule after the Reckoning of Hell, though he now shares this responsibility with his daughter Fierna who serves as his mouthpiece (and possible lover). He has designs on the Fifth and Sixth levels of Hell. His symbols are a two-pronged ranseur and a handsome male face with dark features and small horns. A more elaborate symbol of Belial involves red, glowing eyes over a two-pronged ranseur, surrounded by a red tail with a wicked barb.

Belial is said to have both the most handsome and diabolic appearance of all the devils. He is a tall, dark humanioid with small horns on his head, dresses always in regal finery and carries a ranseur. He is handsome and sexual, with large slanted eyes that smolder red.

Belial is the father of Fierna, though his consort Naome. He has an alliance with Telchur, Oerth’s god of winter, as is said that he aided Telchur in Vatun‘s imprisonment. Belial has a secret alliance lasting centuries with Baalzebul, Lord of the Seventh Hell. Before the Reckoning, he was also allied with Moloch and Zariel. Two of the original members of the Dark Eight, Zaebos and Zapan, originally worked for him before taking on their present positions. He is a rival of Levistus, and was a rival of the Hag Countess before her demise. Since the ascension of Glasya, he has chosen a “wait and see” approach.

The bulk of Belial‘s scheming currently involves trying to keep tabs on his daughter without provoking her to straying further from his control. He is growing concerned that he is losing his grip on his power. Gazra is jealous and hateful toward Belial, but keeps those feelings well hidden.

Some of the loyal followers of Belial are Balan, Bathym, Chamo, Gaziel, Naome, Zaebos and Zapan. Belial, currently the power behind the throne in Phlegethos, rules from his Hall of One Thousand Sighs and Screams within Fierna‘s tower of crystalline stone. Belial teaches his followers to revel in the pleasures and pains of the flesh. He delights in manipulating mortals. He also enjoys killing, craving the sensation of hot blood splashing against his body. That said, he is not a fool, and knows when to cut and run. Members of Belial‘s small cult devote themselves to trickery, seduction, domination, and secrets. They are generally more interested in personal than political corruption. Clerics of Belial sport thin, well-groomed beards (if male), dress in red and black, and wield the ranseur. Male clerics predominate. Temples to Belial feature circular altars and black and red candles, in elegant towers and halls. The decor is both understated and tasteful.

Domains: Evil, Baator, Lust, Suffering


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