Astaroth (Demon Lord)

Astaroth was a demon lord who is now a vestige. He was known by the title of Diabolus for his ability to infiltrate the ranks of the devils, and was worshiped by mortals for his prophetic abilities.

Astaroth, in life, appears as a handsome human with both draconic and feathered wings. As a vestige, when called by binders, he manifests his old form but his body is slowly consumed by hellfire.

A once powerful demon prince, Astaroth gained the title of Diabolus for his ability to infiltrate the legions of Hell, becoming one of its foremost nobles as the Treasurer of Hell. When the archdevil Gargoth exposed him, Astaroth fled back to the Abyss to escape Asmodeus‘s wrath. To prepare the inevitable retaliation from the Lords of the Nine, Astaroth used his prophetic powers to gain mortal followers on the Prime Material Plane in order to gain true divinity. He even struck a bargain with Ahazu to have his body imprisoned in the Wells of Darkness in the event of his death so he could be resurrected. It is said Astaroth did achieve true divinity, but that still was not enough to protect him when Gargoth, under Asmodeus’ command, tracked him down and destroyed him. It is said that Gargauth went on to claim Astaroth‘s divinity, and even traveled under his name as well.

Astaroth‘s body is currently located in The Wells of Darkness. However, his promised resurrection has been stalled by the hellfire that Gargauth ignited in him; even as the Abyss itself works to regenerate his body, the hellfire keeps consuming it.

As a vestige, Astaroth grants his summoner a hatred toward devils, divination abilities, and to burn with the flames of the Abyss.

He appears as a beautiful angelic human with white feathered wings, golden hair, and rides a dragon and has a viper wrapped around one arm. He is said to rule a layer of the Abyss called the Terminal Archives, which is an infinite library. It is said that the coming of end of the multiverse is signaled by Astaroth burning every book from his library.

Domains: Abyss, Knowledge, Travel


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