Lamashtu (Demon Princess)

Lamashtu is the demon queen of monstrous births. She is described as a wretched and deformed hag, well known for her bottomless hunger for the bones of pregnant mothers and newborn babes. Pazuzu as Lamashtu‘s most notable enemy. She was once his consort, but she betrayed him by abusing her knowledge of his true name. In retribution, Pazuzu put out her eyes and banished her to the Abyssal layer of Torremor, in the sprawling construction known as Onstrakker’s Nest. Onstrakker’s Nest is built on a towering spire from timber, bones, earth, and stone pillars, is hundreds of miles in diameter. Lamashtu is impaled on a gleaming spire. Lamashtu has recently gained control of Torremor, taking it from Pazuzu, though she has yet to escape from her prison. Despite her theft of his Abyssal layer, Pazuzu still only barely considers her a threat. He rarely visited Torremor regardless, preferring the skies above Pazunia. Domains: Abyss, Creation


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