The Unnamed Layer (The Abyss 99th Layer)

This layer is contested layer consisting of several distinctive realms, such as one that spawns demons, one of lightning and one of slime. The main seven demi layers are controlled by different demon lords and large fiends. Some are as follows.

 The Gray Layer is where the sky is gray and the desert sand is mixed with storms. Drecths and quasits call the layer home.

 The Lightning Layer has a black sky and flashes of lightning in the sky. Stone pillars miles high score the land and blood runs into the white sands. Dead creatures of dinosaurs, huge apes and snakes decompose. This is like a large battle field for Orcus’s undead armies and Demogorgons bodak slug fleets. Vrocks also soar the skys.

 The Swirling Layer has mixed coloured skies that pours into a massive ocean of purple. Controlled by Juiblex this layer contains oozes, puddings and jellies. Gravity works the reverse way and the floating fungus chunks can be used as teleportation to other places in the Abyss. The water itself can cause acid damage of 2d6. Vrocks and hezrous are the more common demons on this layer.

 The Yellow Layer the sky is yellow and a huge jungle made of massive plants cover the land. Achaerai , thunderbeasts, vrocks, hezrous and bar-lgura demons.

 The Fog Realm is made of thick fog, mossy ground and larvae and embryonic morsels of demons lay on the ground. Some of them contains oozes, gases, goo and parasitic spores. Hezrou and other demons call this layer home.

  The Silver Realm is freezing cold and the land is covered in silver ice and sound can not be hear or made on the layer. Dinosaur bones grace the land along with large skeleton bodies. Undead roam the frozen land.

 The Star Realm is a desert of blackness with craters of steam and lava squirting within. Screams and moans can be heard through the air of the realm. Steam mephits, lave mephits and fire mephits roam the air. Chasmes, drecths roam the desert looking for new victims that can be sacrificedto Kali the demoness of the 500th layer of the Abyss.

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