Reekmurks are massive oozes that normally develop deep down in frigid waters, at the very bottom of arctic seas. There, they eat what falls to the ground, slowly growing to an immense size. Occasionally, they can be found at the surface, disturbed by an earthquake, and here, they can be very dangrous to any arctic voyagers, attacking and devouring entire ships of hardy warriors. They can resemble oil slicks or massive ink clouds, when not currently engaged in attacking prey.

In addition to the usual ooze attack modes of thrashing, acid-laced pseudopods, reekmurks have a few further attacks. They are first surrounded by a cloud of nauseating stench, and they are encircled by thousands of narrow, hairlike fillaments that make the creatures difficult t approach. Through these filaments, and through their touch, they also secrete a powerful poison that leaves victims numb and unable to move. Curiously, the ooze cannot tolerate sunlight, dissolving at the touch of light beams.

Reekmurks can be located in any body of water but prefers the cold. They also can be found in the Elemental plane of Water, paraelemental plane of cold/ice and the paraelemental plane of ooze.

Worshipers of the north under the unholy faith of Juiblex use reekmurks as guardians.

Reekmurk Ooze

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