Cyclopes are evil, one-eyed giants that originally came from the Outer planes. Both males and females are bald and have spiked heads instead of hair. Cyclopes have earthy skin tones that blend with their surroundings. Their eye tends to be the same as the color of their skin. The most peculiar and distinguishing thing about cyclopes is the fact that they only have one large eye in the middle of their forehead. This eye is rumored to cause fear in any who look at it. Their one-eye gives them poor depth perception therefore they can’t use missile weapons very well.

Cyclopes can throw boulders, like all giant-kin, but with less accuracy than normal due to their one-eye.They have great strength and make excellent warriors, they are also very intelligent and make good wizards and clerics. Cyclopes that live in the Underdark can move rather stealthily and are accustomed to the darkness of the underworld. They are also amazing blacksmiths and craft powerful items for their masters.

Cyclops society is based on servitude, but not necessarily slavery. They do not have any kingdoms of their own but have helped create the beautiful cities that their masters live in. From an early age they are taught that they are a great race and only worthy creatures (those that are stronger than them) can become their masters. Cyclops worship the demon princess Emerta.

Cyclopes hate most races but like all giant-kin they hate the dwarf most of all. They generally keep orcs, goblins, ogres, and bugbears as slaves. Common cyclopian allies (masters) are drow and fomorians.


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