Magaav Host Devil

Magaav Host Devil

The magaav host devil has twin pairs of mangy, disease-riddled vulture wings flap in concert, keeping this lean raptor fiend aloft. Twisted horns rise from a head like a monstrous skull and noxious fumes leak from between its yellowed fangs. Hovering with impossible control, its vicious foot talons clench and unclench, while its clawed hands wield a long, three-pointed ranseur.
A magaav host devil can exhale a breath that reeks of pure corruption upon a creature within five feet.

Hunters of souls, host devils retrieve Hell’s most elusive property. Whether souls that have long evaded capture upon the plains of Avernus, damned beings who have somehow managed to escape Hell, or creatures that have reneged upon infernal contracts, vast flocks of these winged fiends swarm from the Pit to recover their prey. Rarely seen alone, host devils travel in great swarms that often number in the thousands. Amid these great hosts f lap the swarm leaders, the magaav, fierce mockeries of the angelic form capable of directing and redirecting massive columns of their brethren like the brain of a single colossal infernal beast.


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