The aasimar is a humanoid creatures who are descended from celestials, angels and other creatures of good alignment. Although their celestial ancestor may be many generations removed, their presence still lingers. Aasimar are predisposed to Good alignments, but they are by no means always good. Aasimar are humans with some sign of their godly ancestors, such as golden eyes, silver hair, feathers, and are typically free of human flaw. Aasimar are normally heavy armored and carry weapons.

Aasimar are predisposed to good alignments, but other alignments, including evil, exist. The infernal counterparts of aasimars are called tieflings. Evil aasimar are considered betrayers to their own ancestors and are hunted by their own race.

Aasimar can be found throughout the outer planes of good and the Heavens. Aasimar can be found under the loyality of Selune, Sune, Lathander, Tyr, Tempus and even Mystra.


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