The maftet  fur on their leonine bodies ranges in coloration from a light buff to goldenrod or rust red. In some climates, maftets have the spotted lower bodies of leopards, and in rare circumstances they may possess white fur and pale skin or black fur and grayish-purple skin. Such individuals frequently rise to positions of power among their kind. They have black feathered wings located along their back and shoulders.

At home in dry deserts and mountains, maftets prefer to lair in abandoned ruins, mysteriously drawn to such desolate places. They also make do with dens in cliff-side caves or mountaintop eyries, but only if no suitable abandoned edifices can be found.

When a young maftet comes of age, it receives its runic tattoos from a shaman, usually the eldest female in the pride. The art and magic of creating these tattoos has been passed down from mother to daughter for thousands of years, along with the race’s oral history and legends. Their origins now lost to history, these tattoos are always the same (with minor cosmetic variations between the sexes and between different prides) and always have the same effects. Under no circumstances are these tattoos ever given to non-maftets.

Some sphinx use maftet’s a guardians or troops during war.


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