Banshraes resemble particularly lithe elves, a little over 5 feet tall and about 100 pounds in weight. Their faces are smooth and featureless,except for their golden insectile eyes. Their frail appearance masks their physical power and martial skill.

Originally less harmful fey who sang and reveled among their more benevolent kin, banshraes became what they are through the treachery of an elder of their kind. This banshrae, whose name and actual crime are forgotten, betrayed a capricious fey queen, who in turn cursed all banshraes, stealing their mouths.  Banshraes “eat” while they rest, absorbing sustenance from nearby plants and the earth. They breathe through holes in the sides of their heads, under the hair.

Banshraes prefer temperate forests, but they can live in any environment that can sustain fey. They enjoy tormenting humanoids, so they often live close to humanoid settlements.  Banshraes are embittered souls, and they hate most creatures except other banshraes. Even powerful evil fey must watch their banshrae servants—treachery is in a banshrae’s nature.

Banshraes dwell in communities among other blackhearted fey. They serve as minstrels, spies, and soldiers for  malevolent fey leaders or other iniquitous and powerful creatures. Verdant princes and evil nymphs enjoy such service, and they repay a banshrae’s loyalty with honor and treasure, rewarding treachery with swift death.

Bamshrae are loyal the beast god Malar.


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