Solamith Demon

Solamith Demon

Solamith demon is a manifestation of depraved gluttony and burning hunger, drawing energy from the spirits it devours. That power charges its flesh with spiritual fire, which it uses against its enemies by tearing away and hurling bits of its own body.

A solamith is an obese fi end that stands 10 feet tall and weighs up to a ton. Its horned head, set with burning eyes and full of flat teeth, seems to float on a pile of sagging skin. That skin is pale blue with bright green veins.

Solamiths don’t bother to close with enemies, instead hurling soulfire from the beginning of combat.  When forced into melee, a solamith might still use soulfire, but it can also use its formidable slam. It uses a soulfire cone whenever it can, but fi rst maneuvers to catch other foes in the blast.  Solamiths roam singly or in pairs, but they are commonly found among the troops of mightier fiends.

Solamiths prowl the Abyss in search of lesser demons and petitioners to eat, even though they require no sustenance. A solamith tears its victims to pieces, but then becomes a dainty eater, chewing slowly and appreciating the spiritual effervescence of each morsel. Once a meal is fi nished, a new face appears just under the skin on a solamith’s gut, silently pleading for release.



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