The vivisector bodyresembles that of a giant praying mantis, with talons at the end of each arm and a pair of dark but translucent wings.Vivisectors are gruesome creatures that dwell in the darkest corners of humanoid cities and towns. They prey on the weak and the helpless, gorging themselves on the living organs that extend their unnatural lives.

Vivisectors attack and slay any creatures, but they must feed exclusively on humanoids. Once a vivisector has a humanoid foe immobilized or unconscious, it cuts into the creature’s chest to claim vital organs, incorporating such viscera into its body.  Vivisectors do not consume their humanoid victims in any traditional sense. Rather, they dissect the fallen for vital organs. Removed innards are placed inside the vivisectors’ hollow carapace. As the essence of such entrails is absorbed, the organs wither and rot, requiring the vivisector to constantly search for fresh supplies.  When slain, a vivisector falls to pieces, spilling its stolen organs and shattered carapace to the ground in a reeking heap. Vivisectors are not known to die of old age. As long as a constant supply of victims can be found, these creatures might live forever.

Vivisectors are found in secluded locations close to potential victims, such as the sewers beneath a city or a defensible cavern near a small town. Though bright light causes them no negative effect, they have an aversion to it, preferring darkness and gloom as a backdrop for their grisly work. They also can be found in the Underdark and come orginally from the Pandemonium.

A larger version of the vivisector exist they are named swordwings and become leaders of the evil race.





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