Dekanter Goblin

Dekanter Goblin

Dekanter goblins were created from regular goblins by the alhoon (ilithid lich) known as the Beast Lord in the mines of Dekanter. The mines are long gone but the goblinoids have breed throughout the Underdark. They are larger than the race from which they sprang, ranging in height from 4 to 5 feet. Their tough hides are orange-red, and they have manes of wiry black hair that tumble down past their shoulders. Their heads squat atop thick, powerful necks, and they have a sharp, rhinolike horn at the tip of their elongated snouts.

Dekanter goblins, in contrast to their usually coward goblinoid kin, are aggressive and fearless. They never met a foe they didn’t want to impale on their horns.


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