This hulking humanoid combines the features of a human and a rhinoceros. Gleaming armor covers its leathery, pale-gray hide, and a great black horn juts from the middle of its forehead. Clutching a wicked halberd, it fixes its beady black eyes on you, as if to discern your intentions.

Although they reside on Arcadia, rheks are not native to that plane. They originally hail from somewhere on the Material Plane and were brought willingly to Arcadia by powerful members of a planar faction called the Harmonium.

Rheks strive for harmony and perfection. They try to impose order upon a chaotic multiverse, doing their best to crush evil wherever they find it. They are meticulous in seeing that everything is kept in its proper place, and they have a low tolerance for unpredictable beings. They enforce order through violence, but they are not bloodthirsty.



They speak Common and their own language.


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