Death Slaad

Death Slaad

Slaad are a race of Outsiders that resemble giant humanoid toads of various colors. Slaadi are native to the Outer Plane of Limbo. As such they are of the outsider type, being composed of the essence of their home plane. The slaadi have been depicted as having a complex social system bound up in the relationship and reproductive cycles of the various subtypes. Some subtypes dominate others, though as slaadi are creatures of chaos, such domination occurs not through a regimented hierarchy, the slaad have been dominated by the Slaad Lords, Ssendam and Ygorl.

Some grey slaadi undergo an unnamed, mysterious ritual, which transforms them into death slaadi. Death slaadi possess amazing magical and physical might, but eschew focusing on the former, as the greys do, being bent more on perpetuating slaughter and death. As such, death slaad tend more towards an evil alignment than do most other slaadi. If the death slaad survives a century, it turns into the white slaad.

The death slaad looks very similar to a grey slaad but more powerful and less chaotic.


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