Maugs are tireless soldiers in search of battle. These constructs from Acheron are used on battlefields across the planes as perfect mercenaries, since they remain unflinchingly loyal to their employer and are fearless in battle. Maugs serve any master willing to meet their price, andthey do not trouble themselves with questions of right and wrong.  Maugs are hulking constructs of stone standing at the level of large.

Scholars of planar matters suspect that maugs first served as shock troops in an ancient war between two long-lost empires. In the end, one empire or both discovered some means of transporting the maugs to Thuldanin, the second layer of Acheron and a junkyard of debris from all wars. Initially transported to Thuldanin as prisoners, the maugs ended up changing the layer into their fortress. The first maugs banished there used knowledge stolen from their creators to craft more maugs. These ancient maugs are known by their fellows as the Thulkarr, and they rule the maugs to this day. The Thulkarr and other maugspellcasters have the ability to travel to other planes, and theysometimes use plane shift or gate to call up squads and platoons of maugs to fight in conflicts across the multiverse. Since maugs are nonliving constructs and do not die unlessdestroyed in combat, many of these mercenaries remain on the Material Plane for centuries, seeking out wars to give meaning to their existence.

Maugs speak Common, Draconic, and Giant.



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