Faerie Dragon

Faerie Dragon

A faerie dragon is a mischievous branch of the dragon family tree. Faerie dragons are extremely small in comparison to their large metallic dragon, or chromatic dragon cousins, only about one to two feet long. They have iridescent scales that reflect all colors of the rainbow. They have platinum colored butterfly-like wings and a long, prehensile tail.

A faerie dragon prefers to deal with enemies from a distance. They use their magical abilities to confuse and bewilder foes.

Like all dragons they have the tendancy to be pranksters, although they take it to a whole new level.

The faerie dragon’s breath weapon is a cone of euphoria gas.

They normally travel in groups and have been seen with faeries, pixies, and sprites. Faerie Dragons build their lairs out of spider silk, dry grass and leaves, and twigs and small sticks within the branches of the trees or make their lairs out of the hollows of the trees.



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