Movanic Deva

Movanic Deva

The movanic deva is a type of angel that roam the outer planes such as the Positive Energy Plane, the Negative Energy Plane, and the Material Plane of Esepria. They have mikly white skin and large feathered wings, silver or gold eyes and shiny hair in most cases. The movanic deva  usually carry a mace, bow or a greatsword as they fight for the power of good.

Devas are naturally refined and are drawn towards virtue, rather than sin or neutrality. The typical deva is good, though few could be called meek. However, this is not something that can be taken for granted and the danger of a deva falling to evil is far greater than that of most races. If a deva falls, they risk becoming a rakshasa and find it uncommonly hard to find their way back to the path of good. As such, most devas, in spite of finding it easier to be virtuous than most races, are taught to fight against the temptation of evil within their own souls constantly.

As the most numerous and weakest of their kind, movanic devas serve proudly as infantry against the hordes of evil. Tasked with serving the needs of the Positive Energy Plane, the Negative Energy Plane, and the Material Plane, some movanic devas consider themselves more worldly than their astral and monadic counterparts, since their travels grant them a better grasp of mortal affairs.


Movanic devas are usually found under the command or word of good gods such as Sune, Selune, Lathander, Tyr and Tempus.


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