Chitines are spiderlike humanoids inadvertently created by the drow as the result of failed experiments. They build with webbing in the same way that humans employ stone or wood.  Their four spindly arms are long and have an extra joint, allowingthem a greater range of movement than most humanoids’ arms. Their faces are humanlike, but their eyes are faceted, and mandibles jut from their mouths. They have mottled gray skin, and stringy black hair grows in a tangle from their heads and down their backs.

Chitines secrete an oil that keeps them from becoming stuck in their own webs. Their palms and feet are covered with hooks that allow them to climb up walls and across ceilings. They spin sticky webs from an aperture in their bellies and use this webbing as a construction material for homes, traps, and armor.

Chitine are dedicated to the spider goddess Lolth and they usually build their villages around the temple in the dark  Underdark.  The choldrith, the priests of the chitines—are the undisputed leaders of chitine communities.


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