Sillit Nerra

Sillit Nerra

Some scholars maintain that the common belief that mirrors simply reflect light is wrong—in truth, they allow the viewer to gaze into a reality that exists alongside the one they know. That reality is known as the Plane of Mirrors. The rulers of the Plane of Mirrors are the creatures known as nerras. Enigmatic and contrary by nature, nerras lurk the eternal hallways of the Plane of Mirrors, observing activities on the Material Plane by looking through any of the countless mirrors that serve as conduits between the two planes. All nerras look like normal humanoids, but they have skin with a perfectly mirrorlike smooth surface.

They prefer to lurk on the Plane of Mirrors and surprise an opponent by leaping out of a mirror. If a nerra is planning on kidnapping a victim, it uses weapons and techniques that capture or cause subdual damage. When killed, a nerra shatters into a thousand mirrorlike shards. Nerras employ swords and daggers that are made out of the substance of the Plane of Mirrors. They resemble shards of a broken mirror that have been set into a shiny hilt. Despite their fragile appearance, shard weapons are incredibly tough, deadly, and razor-sharp. Shard weapons leave terrible wounds that bleed incessantly.

Nerras are contrary by nature, and they balance on a knife’s edge of different morality and ethics. They strive to maintain a neutral outlook, but see themselves as inherently superior beings to those that gaze into their mirror portals.

Sillits nerra’s are the leaders, planners, and schemers of the nerras. Unless urgent business takes them to the Material Plane, sillits rarely leave the safety of the Plane of Mirrors. Physically, sillits look like other nerras. They have a humanoid shape covered with mirrorlike skin, and their faces are completely smooth.  Sillits do not like melee combat and engage opponents only if absolutely necessary. They make extensive use of their spell-like abilities and mirror jump ability to get out of situations that can be avoided, but they wield their shard swords with deadly accuracy if called upon.

 Nerras speak Common plus their own language. Their language is not particularly pleasant since it sounds like glass being scored by a rock.


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