Blackspawn Raider Spawn of Tiamat

Blackspawn Raider Spawn of Tiamat

Blackspawn raiders are vicious hunters. They are proud to be descended from Tiamat, and they revel in making her will manifest. Blackspawn raiders are medium sized standing on two feet half dragon like beasts.


Blackspawn raiders favor attacking from ambush. They prefer to operate in hunting packs, usually groups of two to four. Together, they set up a good location to lie in wait. If the prey is intelligent, they use feinting tactics: One raider attacks with a ranged weapon and then pretends to flee, luring the quarry into the ambush.

Good dragons are raiders’ preferred prey, and against a mixed group of foes, their first target. The blackspawn raiders’ lust to kill good dragons overrides their innate competitiveness, and they work well as a group against such enemies.

 Like other dragonspawn they worship Tiamat.


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