Green Warder

Green Warder

Green warders guard the secrets of the elven woods, sending intruders stumbling randomly through the forest until the warders’ masters can deal with them as they please.  Green warders look like tall elves made of bushes and leaves. They are quite light. Their limbs are of solid wood, and their arms are lined with large thorns that function as claws. When well maintained, green warders are pruned to resemble specific elven personages, or else they wear fanciful headdresses. When left to their own devices, green warders grow bushy and scraggly, a state they prefer, though they would not admit this. They have limited personalities and speak Elvish and at least a few words of Common.

 Green warders attempt to avoid combat, using their abilities to raise alarms for other defenders while confusing intruders and causing them to sleep.



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