Cursts are unfortunate undead humanoids, trapped under a curse that will not let them die. Cursts are created when an evil spellcaster touches a victim while casting bestowed curse spell and a wish spell together.  The skin of a curst pales to an unearthly white pallor, and its eyes turn black while the iris color deepens, becoming small pools of glinting dark color. Cursts favor leather armor, dark-colored cloaks with hoods, and boots. They prefer darkness to light, and tend toward silence. Cursts are in no way controlled by their creators, and seldom serve them except to attain the mercy of death by means of a upon receiving the spell, a curst is destroyed by a remove curse spell and this releases the undead to be destroyed.

Cursts speak whatever languages they knew in life.

Minons and cults dedicated to the god of the dead Myrkul use cursts.


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