Song Dragon

Song Dragon

Song dragons are a rare and mysterious race of dragons that prefer life among humanity to the company of other dragons. They can freely take on the form of a human woman, and in this guise they live among humankind, revealing their true nature only in times of personal peril or great crisis. In their natural form, song dragons are slim and splendid dragons with iridescent silver-blue scales and the general shape of a copper dragon. In human form, they appear to be attractive women of 20 to 30 years in age. They retain full knowledge and awareness regardless of form, and most are consummate actors, so that humans are usually unaware of a song dragon’s identity.

Song dragons strike quickly and mercilessly with their razor-sharp claws and tend to sing joyously as they fight.  A song dragon has one breath weapon, a cone of electrically charged gas.  Song dragons can freely use an ability much like ploymorph alterself to human form.

Song dragons often serve or cooperate with good mages and groups and individuals with similar aims or opportunities to preserve, renew, and protect the land.

Song dragons like other good dragons worship the god Bahamut.


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