Howling Dragon

Howling Dragon

Native to the windswept plane of Pandemonium, howling dragons are brilliant, scheming, and quite insane. The howling dragon is pink in colour with lines of dark purple, longspines form a frill around its head, and twin clusters of similar spines sprout from its shoulders.

Howling dragons make their lairs in isolated caverns amid the twisting tunnels of their native plane. When they find their way to the Material Plane, they seek out similar terrain, and are thus usually encountered far underground. They roam widely in the territory surrounding their lair, exploring every narrow crevice and tunnel. Howling dragons feed on any creatures they can catch— living, undead, or even construct. They enjoy the sensation of biting into a still-moving morsel.

A howling dragon has two types of breath weapon, a cone of howling sound that deals sonic damage, or a cone of maddening wails.


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