Crypt Thing

Crypt Thing

A crypt thing is a kind of undead guardian that is built to watch over a particular site or object and deal with intruders

in a nonlethal manner. The creature appears as nothing more unusual than a skeletal figure in tattered robes. When active, its eyes glow with a fierce red light. A crypt thing exists only to guard, and it typically watches over a religious treasure, tomb, or holy site. It normally waits in an alcove or on a chair provided for it. It speaks Common and is willing to converse with those that do not threaten it while it tries to scare away creatures it thinks are easily cowed.

A crypt thing attacks only if assaulted or if it believes it cannot drive away those that enter the place it guards. Its first act is to use its scatter defilers ability, and then it attacks with its claws until all its enemies are dead or fleeing.

Sometimes cults dedicated to Myrkul use crypt things to keep guard of secret cult area, guard a special weapon or protect a treasure tome.



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