Pech are very short, ranging just above gnomes, with gangly builds. Their flesh is nearly as hard as granite, skin colors varying from stark white to yellowish-orange. They sport long brown, orange or red hair often braided, and males often grow thick beards.There eyes are large, pupilless white orbs.

Pechs are skilled miners and stonemasons, and are at times employed or enslaved as such by other subterranean races. They have learned to hide the entrances to their lairs most carefully, blending their narrow entranceways into the living rock such that they can only be seen from exactly the right angle. This hidden existence has allowed the pech to grow over time and establish themselves in the Underdark.

If discovered the pech will usually only resort to violence as a purely last resort. They prefer to welcome guests with open arms and kindness to dissuade acts of aggression. Due to their kind natures some who find them may try to take advantage of them but will find that the entire community will vanish if given the chance. When forced to fight the Pech will utilize picks as their primary weapons as well as using their natural affinity with stone to their advantage.

Pech come from the Elemental Plane of Earth and are fey in nature.

Pech have a close connection to earth and rocks and speak Terran and Undercommon.

Pech also worship the god Grumbar.


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