Though needlefolk superficially resemble humanoids, they are in fact mobile plants. Because they lack roots, needlefolk must take in water and nutrients through a structure that resembles a mouth. A needlefolk is a green/brown, hairless bipedal creature whose body is covered with short, stiff bristles (actually needlelike thorns). In human terms, its body is quite thin, even emaciated-looking. Its arms end in “hands” that sport vicious-looking claws (actually large, sturdy thorns). The coloration of the small leaves that cover the monster’s body mirrors that of the foliage around them: green in spring and summer, red and yellow in autumn, and brown in winter. Needlefolk are deciduous, so they drop their leaves and become dormant through the cold season. A dormant needlefolk resembles a tree with two branches and a faint outline of a face in the bark atop its body.

Needlefolk have no appreciable society or culture. They live in the forest with no more social organization than trees or shrubs would have. Their dietary needs are all satisfied by absorbing light and by eating dirt, decaying leaves, and the occasional small, dead forest animal.

Needlefolk are not tremendous fighters at close range; their preferred weapon is the small needles that cover their bodies.

The only thing that excites needlefolk is elves—they hate elves passionately.

Needlefolk speak Sylvan and worship the god Silvanus.



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