A rast has an odd appearance. There is a central body, about the size of a large dog, with a number of spindly spider’s legs coming out of it. Each of these legs is tipped with a claw. The head is almost exactly the same size as the central body, and resembles a dog. The central body and legs of the Rast are red/brown, while the head and claws are rust red.

The rast attacks with a paralyzing gaze. When fighting a group, it tries to paralyze as many as possible. If there are any left, it moves in and attacks with its claws. For some reason, it can only use four of the 10 – 15 claws at once. It can also bite, grab and grapple, and drain blood from its opponents. Due to limited information, little else is known about the creature.

Rasts are normally found the Elemental Plane of Fire

Rasts cannot speak.


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