The doppleganger is a master of mimicry that survives by taking the shapes of men, demihumans, and humanoids. Dopplegangers are bipedal and generally humanoid in appearance. Their bodies are covered with a thick, hairless gray hide which they rarely are seen in.

The doppleganger chooses a victim, duplicates his form, and then attempts to kill the original and assume his place. Dopplegangers work in groups and act together to ensure that their attacks and infiltrations are successful. They are very intelligent and usually take the time to plan their attacks with care.

Dopplegangers are rumored to be artificial beings that were created long ago by a powerful wizard or godling. They were originally intended to be used as spies and assassins in an ancient, highly magical war.

Dopplegangers are found most often in their true forms in a dungeon or in the wilderness. Groups often set up a lair in an area well-suited to ambush and surprise, patrolling a regular territory. These bands make a good living by attacking weak humanoid monsters or travelers and stealing their food and treasure. If food and treasure are scarce, they hire out to a powerful wizard or thieves’ guild.

Dopplegangers are sophisticated and dangerous parasites, living off the labors of others. They must also be reckoned with as clever and effective spies and assassins who can wreak political mayhem in positions of power. Evil wizards have on rare occasions controlled entire kingdoms for short periods of time by replacing a king, prince, or councilor with a doppleganger.

Doppleganger’s worship the god known as Mask.


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