This huge blue colored wolf like beast is breed by large hobgoblin armies to use in war. Named in goblin for “war beast” they roam the cold and warm forests of Esperia. The work of a goblinoid transmuter with too much time on his hands and too little sanity in his head, guulvorgs are not natural creatures. The first guulvorgs appeared only recently in goblinoid realms. Despite their magical origin,these massive lupines bred true, and a few have escaped into the wild.

Like worgs, guulvorgs are baleful wolflike creatures with cunning minds and malicious dispositions. A guulvorg has an incredibly high metabolism, its body giving off a great amount of heat and requiring an enormous quantity of food. A wild guulvorg is always on the hunt, and it eats every part of its kill.

Hobgoblins maintain guulvorgs as cruel siege beasts that can clean the battlefield of its dead and keep moving. Even the richest goblinoid kings can afford to maintain only a few guulvorgs in peacetime. A few simply allow loyal guulvorgs to hunt and return home at their leisure.




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