Spiked Felldrake

Spiked Felldrake

The felldrakes trace their origin to Bahamut the Platinum Dragon. After helping a group of powerful elf wizards turn back a demonic invasion, Bahamut created the felldrakes to guard the elves against future incursions. All felldrakes have the blood of Bahamut in their veins and are fierce, loyal, and good at heart.

The spiked felldrake is red in colour and its spikes are black. The spiked felldrake are used as mounts which have special saddles so the rider does not get harmed. The spiked felldrake can be found in the hor desert reaches of Esperia.

A spiked felldrake can stand up to terrible punishment while dealing out plenty of its own with swordlike claws. The spikes on its tail are not just for show—it can project them in a hail of deadly fire at approaching enemies. With its scent and vision abilities, a spiked felldrake can root out even hidden enemies reliably.


Felldrakes speak Draconic and Sylvan.


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