The volodnis, or pine folk, are a race of vengeful foresters who defend the ancient woods of Esperia against the incursions of others. They seek to expand the borders of their forest homelands, regardless of who might stand in their path, and dream of a day when all Esperia once again lies cloaked in unbroken green.  They still strongly resemble their human forebears, although their skin is the deep olive-green of a pine needle, and their flesh is woody and tough. Clear sap runs through their veins instead of blood, and their hair grows in long, thick locks scaled like the bark of a young tree. Their eyes are a gleaming black, and they are tall and lean, with wide shoulders and long arms.

The volodni race hate the use of metal and only use natural growth materials. Most volodni worsip the god Silvanus and take on such classes as warriors, druid, ranger and sometimes cleric. The volodni race is more commonly found on the Para-elemental plane of Wood.



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