This misshapen monstrosity seems to have been both flayed and burned, its limbs twisted into dreadful parodies. It is eyeless and shrieks with mad battle lust.  Wrackspawns exist because the evil of demons knows no bounds. The remnants of good souls captured and tortured in the Abyss, wrackspawns live to infl ict pain upon others. Fear and pain made them what they are, and these are what they wish to bring to all forms of life.

Wrackspawns charge into combat heedless of any danger to themselves. They use no strategy beyond attacking the nearest living being. Wrackspawns typically ignore undead and constructs unless attacked by them, and even then they swiftly turn toward foes who can feel pain.

Wrackspawns are native to the Infinite Layers of the Abyss. As demonic footsoldiers, they are most often found in the torture chambers where they come into  being or massing in armies on the Plain of Infinite Portals. Sometimes small groups serve demon lords as guardians or for use in blood sport. Wrackspawns come into being when demons torture captive good souls in the Abyss.








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