Marraenoloth Yugoloth

Marraenoloth Yugoloth

Once known as daemons the yugoloths are neutral evil natives of the lower planes of the Bleak Eternity of Gehenna and the Gray Waste of Hades. Although yugoloths present themselves as simply greedy mercenaries, the members of the highest yugoloth castes view the entire course of the Blood War as their own to control and manipulate until they decide to end it, unify the Lower Planes, and turn their attention to the planes of Good.

The marraenoloth is the skeletal ferrymen on the River Styx. They are medium in build and roam on wooden boats and float along the river bring travellers across the dark planes. They will do this for a special price such as coin, a soul or some type of powerful weapon. The leader of the marraeonolths a altraolth known as the Charon. The true name of the Charon is Cerlic.


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