Noble Salamander

Noble Salamander

The Elemental Plane of Fire is home to many strange creatures, including the fearsome legions of the salamanders. These serpentine beings dwell in metal cities glowing with supernatural heat.

Salamanders reproduce asexually, each producing a single larva every ten years and incubating the young in fire pits until they reach maturity. Flamebrothers and average salamanders are actually different species, while nobles rise from the ranks of the average.

Salamanders speak Ignan. Some average salamanders and all nobles also speak Common.

The flamebrothers are the lowest class and the front ranks of salamander armies. Average salamanders are the middle class and the main fighting force, while noble salamanders are commanders. Salamander nations do their best to resist the mighty elemental lords on their plane, and they disdain the azers, efreet, and other inhabitants. They often fail, though, and are enslaved by other fiery masters or conscripted into elemental armies.

Noble salamanders are large in size and like other fiery beasts they worship Kossuth.







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