Bog Giant

Bog Giant

Bog giants are shy and reclusive beings who prowl swamps and marshlands to hunt dangerous predators such as black dragons.  They are ugly, disgusting creatures, with mottled froglike skin and long, stringy black hair. Bog giants have webbed fingers and toes, which allows them to swim faster than they can walk on land. The typical clothing for either gender is hide armor made from the skin of crocodiles.

Bog giants with sufficient intelligence typically learn Draconic in addition to Common.

Bog giants are found exclusively in swamps and marshes. They spend most of their time hunting, gathering, and scavenging rotting meat. They build crude, temporary shelters in the fallen logs and vines. Bog giants both venerate and hunt crocodiles, alligators, and other large reptiles. Most tribes keep “pet” crocodiles on tethers around their encampments. Bog giants are on friendly terms with lizardfolk, although sometimes the two races come into conflict when food resources are low. Bog giants despise trolls and attack them on sight.







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