Conflagration Ooze

Conflagration Ooze

Conflagration ooze looks like a mass of liquid flame, barely held together by a transparent membrane. The fire that roars within it breaks through the protective outer skin on occasion, and the creature radiates an intense heat.

Confl agration oozes, unlike the majority of their ooze counterparts, are not mindless eaters. They possess a reasonable degree of intellect, allowing them to formulate tactics and basic strategy. One typically claims a series of caverns near a volcano or hot springs as a lair. It spends most of its time hunting, like other oozes, as it requires a great deal of energy to fuel the massive inferno raging within.


A conflagration ooze begins a battle with its spell-like abilities, hoping to immobilize some of its opponents before engaging in melee. Once it closes in, it attempts to grapple its foes and infuse them with the fiery toxin that surges through its body.

Conflagration ooze are normally found in the Elemental Plane of Fire or the Outer Planes.


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