The grippli is a humanoid tree frog. Grippli call themselves “the good folk” and their enemies “the bad folk.”

Grippli eat fruit and insects, trapping small insects in large quantities and hunting giant insects like humans hunt stags. Grippli are in turn hunted by many jungle predators, in particular giant snakes and spiders. Lizardfolk and kuo-toa may also hunt grippli, though they have strict taboos against eating grippli flesh. Grippli are the enemies of bullywugs. They are nervous around strangers, and often use wild elves or fey as intermediaries. Powerful predators such as green dragons sometimes enslave whole villages of grippli; at such times, they tend to accept their fate rather than waste lives in futile rebellion.

Grippli crafts are generally limited to simple objects made from vines, wood, and stone. They cherish metal heirlooms, which they must get from other races. They use snares, nets, poisoned darts, and the occasional sword or dagger. On rare occasions, they may use blowguns or spears. It is common for them to make poisons, potions, herbal tinctures, and alchemical goods. Most grippli homes are decorated with polished glass, quartz, and other brightly colored baubles they trade for with other races in exchange for rare jungle herbs and extracts.

Grippli are found in tropical swamps and jungles. Typical grippli villages are made of small wood or mud huts built on the ground, hidden in the deep shaded areas beneath heavy jungle foliage, or in the boughs of large trees. A ceremonial area on the ground may contain remnants of bonfires.

Each grippli village is led by a tribe mother, a female of unusual height (almost four feet tall) with the ability to emit a defensive musk cloud. She is accompanied by one to three mates, each three to three-and-a-half feet in height. The tribe mother is said to have a touch of the blood of their goddess within her. In theory, the tribe mother is divinely ordained with absolute power, but in practice she leaves most day-to-day decisions to experienced hunters. Still, only the mother can speak for the tribe when negotiating with outsiders.

Others suggest she might be a relatively benign aspect of Blibdoolpoolp. “Spider and snake creatures round out the grippli religion as demons and evil spirits.” Those few grippli who know of the gods of other races consider Lolth to be the chief enemy of their race, though the Spider Queen herself pays them little attention.

The grippli language is composed of croaks, groans, clicks, and squeaks. They also use the same lanaguage as bullywugs.



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