A truly repulsive creature, the bonedrinker hunts to feed on the bones of its victims.  Terrible undead created in a horrid ritual reminiscent of mummy creation, bonedrinkers wander the dark places of the world, seeking new creatures to feed upon.  Hobgoblin wizards originally developed the ritual to create these monstrosities, using the fallen corpses of goblin and bugbear warriors to create the first lesser bonedrinkers and bonedrinkers.

Bonedrinkers resemble ghasts in many ways, leading those who catch only fleeting glimpses of the creatures to erroneously pass on exactly that description.  If it weren’t for the long green forked tongue and the six horribly long fangs in their mouths, the description might even fit.

A bonedrinker’s body is covered in weeping sores, the result of its constant need to feed.  The longer one goes without liquefying and draining a creature’s bones, the more sores appear.  This has no effect on the creatures abilities but a bonedrinker certainly grows more reckless and desperate the hungrier it becomes.

Bonedrinkers prey on any creature with a skeletal structure.  They care nothing for vermin, elementals, constructs, or any other creature lacking their favorite food.  Many other carnivores similarly, eat bones, but not in the same way that a bonedrinker does.  Bonedrinkers secrete a strange chemical in their saliva that breaks down bones into a viscous liquid.  As the bones liquefy, the bonedrinker slurps them up through wounds it inflicts with its bite.  In essence, a bonedrinker is to bones what a vampire is to blood.

Bonedrinkers speak the language they knew in life, typically Goblin, and that of their creators, typically Goblin and Common.


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