Living Flame Sphere

Living Flame Sphere

Living spells are semi-sentient spells that roam the Esperia, during the spellplague it  transformed any spell being cast when it happened into a living being. These creatures, dubbed living spells, still roam the land, instinctively going after any creature it comes across. Occasionally, a living spell emerges from the gray mists , attacking local towns.

Many believe they were a creation from the goddess herseld Mystra. Living spells are not a natural form of life. They have no need for self-preservation, and communicating with these creatures is nearly impossible. They have no earthly needs: They don’t eat, sleep, or reproduce. They are drawn naturally to sites of arcane power.

A living flaming sphere is almost identical to a flaming sphere conjured by wizards; however, it quickly becomes evident that no wizard has cast it. It flies across the battlefield, ricocheting off the environment to target its prey. When it engulfs its target, it blasts them with internal inferno. it leaves a trail of ash in its wake, and is susceptible to cold attacks.



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