Shadow Giant

Shadow Giant

Among the crude and simpleminded giant races, shadow giants possess a unique aspect: subtlety. They are feared andhated even by other giants, since they have a reputation for being murderers, thieves, and assassins against their own kind. They dwell in particularly dark areas, including those that areknown to border the Plane of Shadow.

Shadow giants look like a smaller version of a storm giant with white hair, gray skin and blackness surrounding them.  Shadow giants are nimble and elusive. They strike from darkness before retreating back into it. They rarely attack directly and prefer ranged attacks to melee.

Even among the normally xenophobic giant race, shadow giants are incredibly reclusive and distrusting. They prefer a solitary existence, though some band together out of necessity. The rare shadow giant that settles down typically makes its lair underground. Shadow giants are more cerebral and inquisitive than other giants, and they seek out knowledge as much as they do wealth. They have no compunctions about murder, and they have been known to contract out their services to kill other giants. Because of this reputation, most giants attack shadow giants on sight—storm giants in particular despise them.

Shadow giants worship the goddess Shar.





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