Mud Slaad

Mud Slaad

The sladdi are a race of Outsiders that resemble giant humanoid toads of various colors from the plane of Limbo. the slaadi have been depicted as having a complex social system bound up in the relationship and reproductive cycles of the various subtypes. Some subtypes dominate others, though as slaadi are creatures of chaos, such domination occurs not through a regimented hierarchy, but by brute force.

Though the red slaad is thought by many to be the weakest member of the race, this is not true. The mud slaad is an even lower creature. Derided by some of its more powerful relatives, the mud slaad is still a challenging opponent for many groups of adventurers. Their skin varies in tone through shades of brown to a sickly brownish green. They have a slaad’s characteristic wide mouth full of sharp teeth, and strong, sharp talons on the ends of long, spindly arms. Mud slaadi are insecure and cowardly creatures. They have a strong survival instinct, though, and often find ways to stay alive even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Mud slaadi speak the language of slaadi.

Mud slaadi usually begin combat with their sonic screech or with an attempt to summon more slaadi. If faced with odds they find overwhelming, they try to cower or feign death.




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