Imerta (Demon Princess)

Imerta (Demon Princess)

Worshipped by the cyclops and fomanian giants , Imerta is a tall demon princess that rules a unknown plane in the Abyss. She stands tall with her black feathered wings, bright scarlet red skin, curved horns and her single piercing eye. She carries a mace and flies along the blacken skies raging war. She hates dwarves upon all but have a tasteful eye for beauty.

She can be located in the Abyss on a unknown plane in which is a beautiful forest and she is surrounded around cyclops and giant warriors and dwarven slaves. She loves music and poetry and has a fine eye for art.

Worshippers of her wear dark brown armor made from horn, and adorn their heads with skulls. They regularly organize hunting parties and skirmishing warbands, and take it upon themselves to root out what they perceive as weakness among their kind and elsewhere. They are not permitted to ever back down from a challenge. Imerta‘s favored weapon is the mace or club.

Domains: Evil, Hatred, Chaos, Death, Earth


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