Jarilith Demon

Jarilith Demon

The jarilith demon is the elite hunting beasts of the Abyss, are terrifying feline creatures conjured up from the nightmares of a thousand generations of mortals. They prefer demonic flesh and are comfortable hunting their favorite prey in desert, jungle, waste or forest. Jariliths are notoriously difficult to control, so even the most powerful balor must tread carefully around them. They sense weakness, and to them nearly every other creature seems weak.

A jarilith resembles a slightly larger-than-average male lion, complete with a glorious mane. Long teeth extend from its jaws, and its claws are longer still. The creature’s blood-red coat reveals its origin and it strikes so fast that only the most aware people will notice the slight reek of brimstone indicating that a jarilith is nearby.

A jarilith is a direct, uncompromising foe to battle. Normally it relies on its power attack feat and its augmented critical ability to inflict horrendous damage to its foes, though they often do not need this advantage. Jarilith prefer to attack by ambush.

A jarilith has all the spell abilities like other demons.


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